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    The Hero

    Júnior Oliveira / Edley Winderson

    The Hero wasn´t born in silence,
    There was one "star" on the skies "lighting" the way,
    Through the reason of wise men.

    He came to be the light amidst darkness.
    Finally mankind meets the Way again.

    If the wheat´s grain doesn´t die, it stays alone.
    But if it dies, it begets much fruit.
    He has built tomorrow´s horizons through the Agape Love.

    Our Hero is the resurrection and the life, the one who believes,
    Even though he dies, he shall live!

    Running on the ashes
    I see my Hero that walks to me
    There's a tomorrow walking with the Hero.

    Against society´s common sense, he shattered it's image
    to make the portrait of the True Man.
    Publicly, our sores were exposed.

    When we stay much time living in the light of our own eyes truth becomes too hard.
    Our soul´s cancer is a heritage that we must not deny.

    The healthy don´t need a physician, but ill ones do,
    He came not to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance.

    Running on the ashes
    I see my Hero that walks to me.
    There's a tomorrow walking with the Hero.

    God´s only-begotten son has brought us his Father
    Disclosed through the Agape Love…
    … and went back to Him like the first-born of many sons.
    Since that moment more stars shine on the skies.
    In my Father´s house, there are many abodes and you know the way.
    I receive you unto myself, that where I am there you may be also.

    I see my star shining there on the high sky with the first One.
    I see my star shining there on the high sky with the Morning Star, light of men.

    There's no greater Love than this, that a man lays down his life to rescue us.

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    Hector Clark

    pô que foda hein!!! tá de parabéns galera! lembra muito o heavenly sou da thunderwrath e é um prazer imenso escutar o som de vcs allos !!

    Ricardo Cruz

    Banda espetacular!!! Esta música "TheHero" vicia os bons ouvidos...

    Equipe Thunderwrat…

    Excelente som, muito bom mesmo! Somos THUNDERWRATH!!!

    Ruth Gomes


    raul guilherme


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